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Massage is one of the most powerful procedure to restore the whole body to exclusively rebuild the balance of emotional and spiritual life. Our professionals will provide a perfect mix of the various kinds of massages to meet your requirements.

A Step To Better Health!

Relax-on Massage Therapy is the leading massage practice offering muscle restoration, deep tissue massage therapy, lower back massage and more in Albury and Wodonga.

We revitalize, relax, and rejuvenate visitors, corporate guests, and sleepless festival goers! A unique blend of western and eastern techniques, traditional Thai massage focuses on the head and upper back - where people store most of their stress.

People experiencing an affordable massage therapy at an occasion simply compensate what they exclusively feel it was worth at the end. This has eventually proved to be an efficient way of putting people at ease! We only employ fully insured, qualified and licensed therapists in our units. By establishing frequent massage sessions, our prime objective is to conquer constant assistance for both employees as individuals and organizations as a whole.

Full Body massage
Hand massages
Oil massage
Head massage
Full Body massage

We find that several people desire a various workout and our professionals are completely prepared to deliver it. Mental and physical knots are expelled, leaving peace, energy, and an extremely positive vibe.

You will experience so many positive consequences from our services, such as:

  • Relief of headaches, muscle tension, and eye strain
  • A feel good aspect
  • Improved alertness, concentration, and mental clarity
  • Boost of morale or reduction of stress
  • A unique individual moment each and every week, month or fortnight in the busy working atmosphere

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Full Body massage

Come In Stressed! Leave Revitalized!

Relax-on Massage Therapy is a leading massage practice based in Albury and Wodonga.

We offer personally tailored, a unique approach to massage treatment throughout the city. Our team of over expert therapists is highly qualified in a wide range of massage therapies like oil massage, hand massages, head massage, neck massage, foot massage and more.

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